The Novum Philosophy

Novum Homes has adopted a new philosophy in the design and construction of our homes. This philosophy is based on the principle that bigger is not always better and comfort is born of smaller scale and beautiful details. We call this new philosophy “TAILORED FIT”. We are passionate about creating spaces that not only serve your day to day needs but feed your spirit and nurture your soul.

So how big is a TAILORED FIT home? The answer depends on your financial situation, the size of your family and your personal preferences. As a rule of thumb the TAILORED FIT home is approximately 15% to 30% smaller than your original square footage goal but about the same price as your original budget. The magic is that although the house is smaller in size it actually feels bigger. A TAILORED FIT house feels more spacious than many of its oversized neighbors because it is space with substance, all of it in use every day. READ MORE >>

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We were ready to sign with another builder when we saw a NOVUM HOMES sign. We literally gave them a day and they priced out our plan and it came in $33K lower that the builder we were going to sign with. We were able to finish the entire basement and still came in below $6K below what we were going to pay-we could not have done it without NOVUM HOMES

Peter and Christina Ashworth

After looking at several existing homes in the South Jordan area, we weren’t able to find what we were looking for. After meeting with NOVUM HOMES we impressed with the flexibility and transparency of their home building process. Their price was great, but their transparency closed the deal for us. They were able to provide us a great home at a great price!

Andy and Becky Cushing

We were debating whether to build or to buy a home. We looked at many existing homes, but were not able to find a home that met our family’s needs. We determined that by building we could get exactly what we wanted and with NOVUM HOMES we could get a great price. We felt comfortable that with their unique build process that they could actually deliver on what they had committed and they did! We are happy with our home and ended up with $49K in equity

Josh and Breeanne Turnbow

We had our plans bid out by several builders. NOVUM HOMES price was not only significantly lower, but they also gave us the flexibility of using their subcontractors or any other one we chose. We were impressed by their building model and felt we were very much aware of the cost throughout the whole process. We got a great home at a great price! Thanks!

Tyler and Susan Wilson

Although NOVUM HOMES came highly recommended we chose them only after seeing how completely different they were from any of the homebuilders we had visited and we weren’t disappointed!
They not only saved us money, let us see everything regarding our build process, but were also very professional. We could not be happier with the results. It was unlike our previous experience in building a home. Thank you NOVUM HOMES!

Alfonso Ayala