The Novum Philosophy

Novum Homes has adopted a new philosophy in the design and construction of our homes. This philosophy is based on the principle that bigger is not always better and comfort is born of smaller scale and beautiful details. We call this new philosophy “TAILORED FIT”. We are passionate about creating spaces that not only serve your day to day needs but feed your spirit and nurture your soul.

The trend over the last thirty years has been to keep building bigger. The sad reality is that once homeowners move into these huge impersonal storage containers they feel the hollowness of the promise of “Bigger is Better”. Something’s missing – all that square footage promises comfort and contentment but when they move in its not there. Because many equate value with size, the same mistake keeps repeating itself. The problem is that comfort has almost nothing to do with how big a space is. It is attained, rather, by tailoring a house to fit the way we really live and to the scale and proportion of the human form.

The TAILORED FIT house dispenses with the rooms that are rarely used, so there’s more money available for the qualities that make a house a home. We take out square footage that’s seldom used, so that you can put the money saved into the detail, craft and character that will make it eminently comfortable and uniquely yours. In short TAILORED FIT favors quality over quantity.

If you want a home that feeds your spirit you have to spend more per square foot than you would on the standard suburban starter castle. But spending the same amount of money on a smaller house that’s thoughtfully designed and tailored to fit, will let you find that something that’s missing in all that square footage. The secret to finding a sense of home lies in changing the way we have been taught to think about houses and value. Whether you are building 1800 square feet or 10,000 square feet, the principles of TAILORED FIT will help your create a home that reflects your own unique personality while also serving your families day to day needs.

So how big is a TAILORED FIT home? The answer depends on your financial situation, the size of your family and your personal preferences. As a rule of thumb the TAILORED FIT home is approximately 15% to 30% smaller than your original square footage goal but about the same price as your original budget. The magic is that although the house is smaller in size it actually feels bigger. A TAILORED FIT house feels more spacious than many of its oversized neighbors because it is space with substance, all of it in use every day.